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Custom Antibody Service

Standard Peptide Anti-Sera Production in Rabbits


We take pride in Design and Synthesis of peptides and production of polyclonal antibodies in rabbits. Alamo® Labs offers a variety of Custom-Sera-production protocols and packages to suit the need of any researcher. Besides 70-day standard protocol, we also offer an Extended Protocol with 6-Immunizations. If the antigen has been synthesized by us, we guarantee anti-sera a minimum ELISA-titer of 1:15,000 which is generally sufficient for a meaningful signal in ELISA, WB and staining applications. . Please contact us if you need any modification in the protocol or package, like use of species other than rabbit or special handling of the antigen etc.




Standard 70-Day Protocol in Rabbits




■ Design and synthesis of 10 mg of ~85% pure peptide (up to 12 aa long)

■ 2.5 mg of Free peptide to customer

■ Conjugation of peptide to carrier protein 

■ 2 Rabbits (New Zealand White)

■ 3 Immunizations/Rabbit 

■ 2 Test bleeds

■ 2 Production Bleeds  (20-40 ml sera per project) 

■ ELISA test



Includes everything in “Standard” package Plus  Peptide-Affinity purification of 20 ml sera.



Includes everything in “Standard” package Except Peptide synthesis and its conjugation. Customer provides a Pre-conjugated, ready-to-inject antigen.



Additional Rabbits (each)



Additional injections/immunizations



Termination of host animal AFTER collecting 25 to 30 ml serum/Rabbit



Monthly Maintenance Fee per animal



Optional: Conjugation of 3-4mg peptide to KLH/BSA/Ovalbumin (via -SH group)


*The price does not include shipping and handling charges. Pre-immune bleed, Production bleeds and “free” peptide are shipped together to the customer in 1 package at the end of project. Additional S&H charges will apply to ship individual items (Pre-immune bleed, test bleed or “free” peptide) before the termination of the project.

Immunization Routine (Standard 70 Day-Protocol)

Days in protocol


Day 0

Pre-immune bleed from 2 rabbits & Immunization (FCA)

Day 14

First boost SC (IFC)

Day 28

Second boost SC (IFC)

Day 36

First production bleed + ELISA

Day 40

Second production bleed

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