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 Protein Research

5. Western Blot Service: $199/blot! Click for details
(Special price good thru December 31, 2016).

Western Blot Run (WB) will be optimized to fractionate the purified proteins/cell lysate/ tissue lysate samples on SDS-polyacrylamide gels followed by transfer of the fractionated proteins/polypeptides/fragments onto PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane. The membrane is probed with a primary-secondary antibody pair via chemiluminescent method to detect the protein/fragment of interest. This service needs to be optimized on a case basis to suit the optimal fractionation of protein samples provided by the customer.
1. Screening of Anti-mitotic/Microtubule Compounds. Click for details
 Test ID


 MSCR-01  Screening of Anti-cancer/Anti-mitotic compounds using microtubules (Tubulin plus MAPs).  $90
 MSCR-02  Screening of Anti-cancer/Anti-mitotic compounds using Tubulin (without MAPs).  $125
 MSCR-03  Screening of Anti-cancer/Anti-mitotic compounds using Beta-II tubulin.  $250
 MSCR-04  Screening of Anti-cancer/Anti-mitotic compounds using Beta-III tubulin.  $250
 MSCR-05  Screening of Anti-cancer/Anti-mitotic compounds using Beta-IV tubulin.  $250
 MSCR-06  Binding Constant (Ka) of the Anti-cancer/Anti-mitotic compounds or tubulin.  Enquire
 MSCR-07  Cell Toxicity of Anti-cancer/Anti-mitotic compound.  Enquire

 *Price is based on a minimum of 10 test-compounds. A set-up fee of $500 will be added to the price of screening Anti-mitotic/Microtubule compounds.

Test Set-up for MSCR-01 thru 05:

Screening of the Drugs for the Anti-microtubule or Anti-tubulin Activity: Drug-induced inhibition
of the assembly of the mammalian microtubule protein or tubulin or tubulin isotypes is measured
to assess the potency of the drug. From this test, one should be able to identify those drugs
from a given library, which are active against microtubules, tubulin or one of its isoforms.
Microtubule Protein (5 mg/ml) or Tubulin Protein (1 mg/ml) will be polymerized in the presence
/absence of the test-compound and the polymerization will be followed by turbidimetry (change
 in absorbance at 340 nm). Total amount of the polymers in the steady state (where microtubule
 polymers are in equilibrium with the free tubulin), formed in the presence or absence of the test- compound, will be compared. All the experiments will be run in duplicate.

 Result-format for Tests MSCR-01 thru 05:

(1) The ORIGINAL DA340 values of control samples (in the absence of the test- compound).

(2) The ORIGINAL DA340 values of test samples (in the presence of the test- compound).

(3) The percent inhibition/stimulation of microtubule polymerization by the test- compound.

2. Custom Gene Synthesis and Cloning. Click for Details

  Cat No  Custom Service Description

 Custom Gene synthesis

 MBS-02  Constructs for Adenovirus Expression System
 MBS-03  Constructs for Baculovirus Expression System
 MBS-04  Construction of Gene-specific SiRNA
 MBS-05  Sub-cloning
 MBS-06  PCR Cloning
 MBS-08  cDNA library construction

3. Custom Peptide Synthesis. Click for Details

4. Antibody Production. Click for Details

Cat No Custom Service Description
 DES-01  Designing of peptides
 SYN-01  Synthesis of peptides
 STND  Peptide Synthesis and Production of polyclonal Antibodies (Sera) in Rabbits
 CPSR-01  "STND" pkg plus Affinity purification of polyclonal antibodies in rabbits.
 CPSR-02  "STD" pkg without Peptide synthesis and its conjugation. Customer provides a Pre-conjugated, ready-to-inject antigen.