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Western Blot Service



Service Name: Western Blot Run

Catalog Number: ALWB-01

Time Line: 5-10 Days.

Price: $199/run

Summary of Service: Western Blot Run (WB) will be optimized to fractionate the purified proteins/cell lysate/ tissue lysate samples on SDS-polyacrylamide gels followed by transfer of the fractionated proteins/polypeptides/fragments onto PVDF membrane. The membrane is probed with a primary-secondary antibody pair via chemiluminescent method to detect the protein/fragment of interest. This service needs to be optimized on a case basis to suit the optimal fractionation of protein samples provided by the customer.

We provide WB services to our researchers based in USA as well abroad. Our discounted price of $199/blot (Regular $399/blot) has remained very popular throughout this year. Here are some details of the service:

(1) Turn-Around Time for WB: Typically, we need 5-20 working days to complete a study which might include more than just 1 blot. Sometimes, if the lab-scheduling permits, we can expedite a WB-study by marking it urgent- at no extra charge.

(2) Basic WB Package ($199/blot): Includes running at least 8 samples + 1 Protein Standard on a SDS gel, transfer of proteins to PVDF membrane, probing with 1 pair of primary-secondary antibody, chemilumniscent detection of target protein and a digital image of the blot sent via e-mail. Customer provides “Ready-to-Load” samples (see below) and a pair of primary- secondary antibodies. We provide Protein-standards free-of-charge.

(3) Striping and Re-Probing of Blots ($199/blot): Includes striping of an existing blot with a mild denaturant and re-probing with 1 pair of primary-secondary antibody (eg with Beta-Actin), chemilumniscent detection of target protein and a digital image of the blot sent via e-mail. 

(4) Blot and Analysis Package ($250/blot): Includes everything in the "Basic WB Package" or "Striping and Re-probing of Blots" package listed above plus a detailed image analysis of blot and quantitation of target protein-band to learn differential expression of protein targets.

(5) Primary and Secondary Antibodies: Customer needs to provide these antibodies along with Ready-to-Load test samples. Alternatively, Alamo Labs can purchase these antibodies from vendors like Sigma-Aldrich etc for the customer (an advance payment is required from the researcher).

(6) Ready-to Load Samples for Western blot: Customer provides samples in "Ready-to Load" state to Alamo Labs, meaning all the samples are in 1X Sample Buffer (Laemmli SDS Sample Buffer) with known protein concentration. Typically, 100 ul of a 2 mg/ml protein sample in Laemmli SDS Sample Buffer, is plentiful for couple of blots. An additional service of solubilization, protein quantitation, or adjustment of concentration of samples which are not in Ready–to-Load state, is available for an additional fee.

(7) Protein Extraction ($45/sample): If required by the customer, we can extract total protein from tissues (animals and plants) and cells (mammalian, bacterial etc), quantitate the total protein in each extract by BCA, Bradford, Thermo-660nm assay etc and solubilize the samples in 1X Sample Buffer for gel-run. We provide this service very often and have capabilities to extract proteins from human/rodent tissues weighing as little as 2 mg!

(8) How to send samples to us: Recently, we have received WB samples from labs as far as Asia and South America by DHL or FEDEX. One may ship samples in 1X Sample Buffer (Laemmli SDS Sample Buffer) on cool-pack or even at room temperature (if Express Shipping is available). Cells or tissues need to be shipped on dry-ice, however extracts of cells and tissues may be shipped on cool pack. For an additional fee, we can attempt to quantitate protein even if it is in Laemmli Sample Buffer.

(10) How to pay for Western Blot Service: A researcher/research institution based in USA/Canada may for this service by Purchase Order or with Credit Card. Researchers based outside USA/Canada are required to prepay for the service with a business or personal check or money transfer in USA dollars.

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